New Web-site links (hopefully)

I just put in an order for a few new website domains for my personal guitar website(s) and for my music education website(s). Please check these out if you get a chance. Feedback welcome!

Current personal website:

New domains for my personal website (the other websites in houston with similar keywords are sure to love me more;):

Old Promo picture:

Domains for the music education project I'm working on (these all point to the same page):



Edward Grigassy announces new blog

Hi everyone! I am inaugurating this blog and christening it with a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne!

I just got back to Houston after attending and video taping the Fort Worth Guitar Guild's Music Festival 2007. It was great! The people were friendly and the artists top-notch.

Earlier this summer I attended and served as videographer at the Boston GuitarFest 2007. The fest was outstanding and I have lots of pictures, footage and interviews to share.

Here are a few photos:

This one of myself with Steve Lin the Assistant Director (and believe me he worked hard for that title;).

And here with Eliot Fisk, the Artistic Director, as well as a true guitar virtuoso and musical genius.

I recommend both events to guitarist and music lovers everywhere. Later I'll post the links of some of the video highlights of these festivals.